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4th First Seed
Bleakrock is as cold as they told us it would be. I can't believe people live here. I'll steal their secrets as quickly as I can. Then I'll return to the warmth of the woods.

5th First Seed
We have most of the information we need. The queen will be pleased. We'll leave tomorrow. I can't wait to thaw out my toes.

I've been unconscious. How long was I out? The last thing I remember was the cave-in. Was it the Pact? Did they find us? Everyone else is dead, even Oriell. He fell in battle. I won't leave him to rot.

Ever since the cave-in, magic gives me a headache. I can't dig out. There's too much rock. The only thing to eat is roots. What am I going to do?

The roots were poisonous. Worse, I think they're hallucinogenic. I'm seeing my dead friends. Arawe. Tarak. Even Oriell. What's happened to my mind?

Ice Day The squirrels are the problem. They caused the cave-in. They're in league with the shiny stones.

I'll get them.

Melting Day
I found Arawe! A greedy squirrels had her. She turned into a candelabra.

The squirrel's gone now, and she's back with me. I missed her. There's so many more to collect!

Culling Day
Greedy squirrels tried to take my friends. I made them into icicles.


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