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Not to be confused with My Kwama Journal, Page 1 or My Kwama Journal, Page 2.



Day 11: My studies are going well. These creatures are fascinating to watch. They seem to have accepted my presence here. I will try to live as they do.

Day 18: I move like a kwama, think like a kwama.

Day 20: I am part of the hive!

Day 24: The kwama need me. I shall be their queen!

Day 42: The Dark Elves are looking for me. My warriors will protect me.

Day 88: Oh my darling scribs! How quickly they grow!

Day 113: Must protect eggs ditiktoktok hide deeper in caves kikkitikitokitok protect my colony dididotikitikido

Day Day daydayday Kwama Queen Kwama Queen Kwama Queen Colony needs Kwama Queen Kwama Queen Kwama Me Me meeeeditikidoditikiki


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