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Reader (Achievement) Mysterious Note
  • Variant 1
  • Variant 2
Title: Mysterious Note
Full Title: Mysterious Note
Author: Unknown
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Known Location(s)Edit

Note #1Edit

  1. After killing Grelod the Kind for Aventus Aretino, a courier brings this note to the Dragonborn. It contains simply a Black Handprint with the words "We Know", scribed beneath. This note is from the Dark Brotherhood. The next time the Dragonborn sleeps, they will be taken to the Abandoned Shack and told to kill one of three captives by Astrid to leave. Once done, she will hand over the key and ask to be joined at the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.
  2. Alternatively, after waking up in the shack, the Dragonborn can kill Astrid instead of the captives to obtain the key to the shack off of Astrid's corpse. This will start the quest Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!

Note #2Edit

  1. Seeking the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller for Arngeir, the Dragonborn finds this note in its place at Ustengrav. Written by Delphine, it asks the Dragonborn to rent the "attic room" at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.


Mysterious Note #1Edit

We Know

Mysterious Note #2Edit


I need to speak to you. Urgently.

Rent the attic room at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, and I'll meet you.

--A friend


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