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This article is about The Mythic Dawn (Skyrim). For more, see Mythic Dawn.
The Order of the Mythic Dawn
TESV Mythic Dawn

Mythic Dawn Symbol

was a cult that served the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, and is the same cult directly responsible for the Oblivion Crisis and the fall of the Empire of Tamriel. The interactions with and impact of this faction are extremely limited in Skyrim.



The Mythic Dawn, having been wiped out years ago, only consists of Silus Vesuius as the last remaining member. While he is not a true member, he claims to be a descendant of members of the Mythic Dawn. Silus claims that his forefather was the one chosen to kill Emperor Uriel Septim VII during the Oblivion Crisis (even though the killer was a high elf).

Silus, being proud of his hertiage and a Mythic Dawn fanatic has recently opened a Mythic Dawn Museum, inside his home in Dawnstar. Inside the museum two Mythic Dawn Robes (Skyrim) (one is hooded, and the other ins't), one pair of Mythic Dawn Gloves (Skyrim) and one pair of Mythic Dawn Boots (Skyrim), and all four tomes of Mythic Dawn Commentaries.

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  • After the Dragonborn reaches level 20 and arrives at the Mythic Dawn Museum, Court Wizard Madena can be seen arguing with Silus Vesuius about the opening of the museum, concluding that the support of the Mythic Dawn is frowned upon.

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