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Mythic Dawn Acolyte

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Mythic Dawn Acolyte is a follower of the Mythic Dawn. They can be encountered in Lake Arrius Caverns during the quest Dagon Shrine. In combat they will usually summon the Bound Mythic Dawn Armor and a Bound Weapon. They will also cast Destruction spells at their enemy.


Dagon ShrineEdit

The four volumes of the Commentaries have led the Hero to discover the Mythic Dawn's shrine to be found in the deep caverns of Lake Arrius.


  • "I do not fear death."
  • "The dawn is breaking."
  • "Lord Dagon will welcome your soul in Oblivion."
  • "Die, unbeliever."
  • "You cannot escape the Master's vigilance."
  • "Only the chosen will survive the cleansing."
  • "For Lord Dagon."



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