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Dwarvenruinicon Mzulft
Mzulft location
Hold Eastmarch
Location North of Riften
Sublocations Mzulft Aedrome
Quests Revealing the Unseen
Lost to the Ages
Characters Paratus Decimius
Enemies Dwarven Automatons

Mzulft is an ancient Dwemer ruin located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Mzulft is found along the western side of the mountains of Eastmarch; it is quite a distance southeast of Windhelm, and a short distance directly north of Cragslane Cavern.

This ruin cannot be explored unless the Dragonborn has been sent here by Mirabelle Ervine as part of the quest Revealing the Unseen, because the key required to unlock the inner door after entering Mzulft is found on the body of Gavros Plinius: he only spawns when the aforemented quest has been started. The Dragonborn is sent here to search for the Staff of Magnus.


At some point in time, Herbane came to Mzulft in search of adventure and to find a worthy foe that could defeat him. However, every time Herbane encountered an Automaton he would defeat it, including a Dwarven Centurion. He decided to not collect the Dwemer artifacts and Dwemer-based metal, because he would not hex his journey with possessions of dead men. [1]

Notable itemsEdit

Many gems including a flawless garnet can be looted from Dwarven spider workers.

Scrap metalEdit

This location is a great resource for Dwemer parts to make Dwarven metal ingots. 400-450 Dwarven metal ingots can be smelted from the various scraps found throughout the dungeon. Combined with the Dwarven Smithing perk, these ingots are a potential source of considerable profit: with the purchase of relatively cheap leather and iron/steel ingots, the player can make high-quality dwarven armor and weapons. Note that Bent Dwemer scrap metal and Dwemer plate metal have the best weight/ingot yield ratio.


The place is also a valuable source of moonstone ore and the Dwemer cogs needed for the quest, "Arniel's Endeavor". It contains 7 moonstone ore veins and 5 Dwarven metal ingot.

Alchemical ingredientsEdit


  • Very close to the south of Mzulft is the Dwarven Storeroom.
  • The key to the oculory resides in a chest in a locked room in the easternmost room (Go directly east from the locked door leading to the oculory and follow that path until you see the chest. There will be a leveled Animunculus in the same room).
  • Inside the room with a Master-locked door, The Lunar Lorkhan, and a silver ring are found.
  • A hidden chest exists on the roof, near the arches. A perilous jump must be made to uncover it. Using the Whirlwind Sprint may make obtaining the chest easier.
  • There are many trip wires and traps. Some doors have dangerous spike traps so make sure to pick the triggers to level lockpicking

Points of interestEdit

  • Mzulft houses the Oculory, a large, stationary device created by the Dwemer. In the Fourth Era, The Synod came to Mzulft to study the lost Dwemer and their technology, and the Oculory is experimented on by their members. The Oculory was designed to collect starlight and split it. When calibrated correctly with a focusing crystal, it can project the starlight onto a surface to reveal a map of Tamriel, then harness the latent energies to overlay the locations of great sources of magical power. The Orrery in the Imperial City was the inspiration for this system.
  • In the quest "Revealing the Unseen", the player is required to calibrate the Oculory using a combination of magic and Dwemer technology.




  • The top of Mzulft, presumably under the Oculory, houses an odd form of orb.


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