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[Note: This text has some portions written in the Daedric Alphabet. These portions translate to: The time is now
/The curse is spoken
Arise demon and be named vengeance

Daedric TDaedric HDaedric ESpacerDaedric TDaedric IDaedric MDaedric ESpacerDaedric IDaedric SSpacerDaedric NDaedric ODaedric WSpacerDaedric TDaedric HDaedric ESpacerDaedric CDaedric UDaedric RDaedric SDaedric ESpacerDaedric IDaedric SSpacerDaedric SDaedric PDaedric ODaedric KDaedric EDaedric NSpacerDaedric ADaedric RDaedric IDaedric SDaedric ESpacerDaedric DDaedric EDaedric MDaedric ODaedric NSpacerDaedric ADaedric NDaedric DSpacerDaedric BDaedric ESpacerDaedric NDaedric ADaedric MDaedric EDaedric DSpacerDaedric VDaedric EDaedric NDaedric GDaedric EDaedric ADaedric NDaedric CDaedric E

The jacinth wakes the rising sun. and snow blankets the grass. But night o'ertakes the mid-day sky. and the gate is opened last.

Daedric BDaedric EDaedric WDaedric ADaedric RDaedric E


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