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For other uses, see NPC Classes.

Below is a list of NPC Classes in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal


I keep things clean and running smoothly. I keep an eye on things. I make sure we have enough of what is needed, and make sure no one walks off with things.

Major skills:

Minor skills:

Known caretakers


I tend the plants and trees, and keep things looking pretty. I keep an eye on the weather, keep things watered when it's dry and dusty.

Major skills:

Minor skills:

Known gardeners


I gather the news -- what happens -- what people care about, and need to know. And I print it, and make it available, so people can learn the truth about what's going on.

Major skills:

Minor skills

Known journalists


I am King Hlaalu Helseth, ruler of all Morrowind. - King Hlaalu Helseth

Major skills:

Minor skills

Known Kings

Queen MotherEdit

I suppose that is my official title. It means little to me. I have been a queen twice over now, and I have no wish to be involved in any of the intrigue. Still, it seems to bring joy to the people of Mournhold when they see the processions and the ceremonies. For that, I suppose, it is all worth it. - Barenziah

Major skills:

Minor skills

Known Queen Mothers

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