For the dragon priest mask, see Nahkriin (Mask).
For the Legends card, see Nahkriin, Dragon Priest.
"Zu'u uth naal thuri dein daar miiraak."

Nahkriin (Dovahzul: NAhKRIiN Nah-Kriin) is one of the eight named dragon priests.


Nahkriin can be encountered within the Nordic ruin of Skuldafn during the main quest "The World-Eater's Eyrie". He must be defeated in order to obtain the Dragon Priest Staff which is used to open a portal to Sovngarde.

Nahkriin knows spells from every school of Destruction, can summon a Storm Atronach, and wields a Dragon Priest Staff - however, he favors Icy Spear and Incinerate.

Notable itemsEdit

Upon his defeat, Nahkriin drops his mask - one of the eight mysterious Dragon Priest Masks located throughout Skyrim. This is the only opportunity to obtain this mask as it is impossible to return to Skuldafn.

Collecting all eight masks is a requirement for the unmarked quest to restore the Dragon Priest Shrine. Once restored, the ninth mask will be accessible by the player.


  • "Hin laas los dii." ("Your life is mine.")
  • "Zu'u uth naal thuri dein daar miiraak." ("I (was) command(ed) by my overlord (to) keep this portal.")
  • "Fent ni fiilok." ("(You) shall not escape.")
  • "Sosaal fah hin vothaarn." ("Bleed for your disobedience.")


  • He is one of two dragon priests that does not exit from a sarcophagus, the other being Morokei.
  • While in combat, Nahkriin will speak in the Dragon Tongue. Aside from Morokei, he is the only dragon priest that ever speaks to the Dragonborn.
  • Unlike Morokei, Nahkriin speaks only in dragon language.
  • If Nahkriin is not killed during the quest "The World-Eater's Eyrie" and his mask not taken, collecting all the Dragon Priest masks becomes impossible, as Skuldafn can no longer be accessed (without the use of console commands).
  • Nahkriin's name can be found on the "Strun" word wall that he guards.
  • If one sprints past him, the Dragonborn can enter the portal to Sovngarde without fighting Nahkriin in battle. However, this means that his mask will never be obtainable.


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