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Nahkriin (Mask)

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Nahkriin Mask
Base Armor:
23 ArmorIcon
9 WeightIcon
Base Value:
2173 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
+50 Magicka, Destruction and Restoration spells cost 20% less.
Class: Heavy Armor, Mask
Upgrade Material: Ebony Ingot
Perk: Daedric Smithing
ID: 00061CA5

Nahkriin is a dragon priest mask found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Nahkriin translates to "vengeance" in dragon language.


This mask can be acquired from the dragon priest Nahkriin in Skuldafn during the quest "The World-Eater's Eyrie", just before entering Sovngarde. This is the only opportunity to obtain this mask as it is impossible to return to Skuldafn.


Wearing this mask grants the following bonuses:


It can be upgraded with an ebony ingot at a workbench, and also benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk, which doubles the improvement.



  •  PC   360   PS3  When equipping a mask and the Archmage's Robes together; both the mask and your entire head may disappear, showing only an empty hood.
    • A short term fix is to drop the Archmage's Robes then pick them up again.
    • Another fix is to store the mask in a container and then equip it directly from the container.
    •  PC(fix)   This can be temporarily fixed by pressing F5, quicksave, and then F9, quick load.
    •  360(fix)   Clearing the Xbox 360 cache will also correct this issue.
    •  PS3(fix)   PS3 users can also temporarily fix this by saving and loading
  •  PC   360   PS3  It is possible to equip this item while wearing a Falmer Helmet, Ancient Shrouded Cowl, the Jagged Crown and circlets.
  •  PC   360   PS3  If any mask is given to any follower, over time it may disappear from their inventory.
    •  PC(fix)   To resolve this, use the console command player.additem <itemID> 1, and it will add the mask to the inventory again.

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