"Such terrible times these are. At least we are safe in Belkarth. I heard that Elinhir did not fare so well. In fact, I hear the entire Eastern portion of Craglorn is overrun with atronachs"

Naifa is a Redguard scholar residing in Belkarth's Crossroads Tavern in Craglorn.


How did that happen? "It is a classic case of buying a cat to catch a mouse. The mages of Elinhir summoned the atronachs to ward off the invasion from Coldharbour. But when the work was done, the atronachs remained-and turned on them."

Any idea why? "I do not know. But I've heard of strange sightings near one of the broken Dark Anchor dolmens. You might look there, if you're curious. Of course, that calls to mind another common expression involving cats."