Namira is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The Hero has learned from the followers of Namira that they will only summon the Daedra for someone repulsive. If they are to get their help, they will need to make themselves less attractive to others.


Head for the shrine, east and slightly south out of Bruma. On arriving, talk to the Hjolfrodi, who informs the Hero that they are far too appealing to worship at the shrine and sends them away.

What the Hero needs to do is make themselves more obnoxious. Head over to the nearest town and purchase a few bottles of cheap wine. Take them back to the shrine, drink them, and the Hero's Personality score will drop like a stone. Get it down to 20 or lower and talk to the Hjolfrodi again, who will now let the Hero through to talk to the Daedric Prince.

At the shrineEdit

Namira wants the Hero to help out a flock of her followers, called The Forgotten Ones, who are holding up at the nearby Ayleid ruin of Anga presumably because the worshippers prefer the darkness. Unfortunately for them, a group of Arkay's priests have turned up to try and help the Forgotten Ones find their way back to the light.

Namira tasks the Hero with finding each priest and gives the Hero a spell called "Namira's Shroud" to cast on the priests, one by one, which will cause the Forgotten Ones to attack and kill the priests.


Namira (Quest) Fighting

The Forgotten attacking a priest

Head over to the ruin and start looking for the priests (they all appear as targets on the compass). When one is found, unleash the spell. Immediately they're set upon by several of Namira's followers, who'll dispatch them with ease.

Repeat casting the spell on the priests until all four have been taken down. Namira's spell must be used on the priests, otherwise the quest will fail.


Head back to Namira's shrine and talk to her again. She'll reward the Hero with the Ring of Namira, which has Reflect Damage and Reflect Spell enchantments on it.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon speaking with Namira's followers:

I have learned from the followers of Namira that they will only summon the daedra for someone repulsive. If I am to get their help I will need to make myself less attractive to others. [You must be level 5 to begin this quest.]

  • Update: After the personality is low enough:

When summoned, Namira spoke to me about the Forgotten, a group of fanatical worshippers that lives in the darkness of Anga. Some priests of Arkay are planning to bring light to Anga and "save" the Forgotten Ones. I am to use the spell that Namira has given me on the priests, and let the Forgotten Ones finish them off.

  • Update: After killing all the last priest:

All of the priests of Arkay are dead. I should return to the shrine.

  • Update: After returning to Namira for the reward:

Namira appreciated my efforts. I have been rewarded with the Ring of Namira.

  • Quest complete
  • Update: After killing one of the priest:

I have killed one of the priests of Arkay, though I was to allow Namira's Forgotten to do it. I have failed in the task set out by Namira.

  • Quest Failed
  • Update: After killing one of the Forgotten Ones:

I have killed one of Namira's Forgotten Ones. I have failed my quest for the Daedric Prince.

  • Quest Failed


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