"Ildene has been working in the Treasury House since before I was born."


Nana Ildene is a Breton Forsworn housekeeper who uses a cover job cleaning at The Treasury House for the Silver-Blood Family. If the Dragonborn talks to Thonar Silver-Blood during the quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy," she and Donnel will attack and murder Thonar's wife, before targeting the Dragonborn.


The Forsworn ConspiracyEdit



Rhiada: "You have worked here in the Treasury House for a long time, haven't you Ildene?"
Ildene: "Yes, child. Nana Ildene has taken care of the Silver-Bloods for many years...."
Rhiada: "It's just... aren't you worried about the Forsworn? Maybe it's not safe here."
Ildene: "Don't you worry Rhiada. If any Forsworn coming knocking on our door, Nana will let you know...."
Rhiada: "Thanks Nana. I feel better now."

Thonar Silver-BloodEdit

Thonar: "Ah, Nana Ildene, whatever would my family do without you?"
Ildene: "Ah, Thonar, don't you worry. Nana Ildene isn't going anywhere."
Thonar: "Um, good. We reward loyalty, you know."
Ildene: "Oh, I know, Thonar. Only a mad woman would ever betray the Silver-Blood family."
Thonar: "Uh, yes. Quite."


  • "You just let old nana know if you need anything, all right dear?"
  • "I've worked in the Treasury House for almost twenty years."
  • "There isn't an inch of this building that I haven't cleaned up."



  • During The Forsworn Conspiracy quest, if the Dragonborn kills her and Donnel before they draw their weapons, Betrid will die in her seat without being attacked, meaning it is impossible to save Betrid's life.