Narahni is a former Khajiit slave of House Dres and the love interest of Velsa. After years of not seeing each other, Narahni contacted her via an anonymous letter. She can be found at the inn of Evermore, Rawl'kha or Riften depending on the player's alliance.


A Faded FlowerEdit

That Which Was LostEdit


Show: A Faded Flower

"Your face ... this one doesn't recognize it. Are you looking for a piece of pie?"

I came to talk to you. Did you send a letter to Velsa Arendis? "Velsa? She didn't come with you? Ah, this one was foolish to even send the letter in the first place. Or the peony. I hoped the years would have softened her memories. That she might have wanted to see her old friend one more time before the end."
She was afraid the letter was a trap. "Oh, stupid Narahni, this one should have thought of that! She feared her terrible family was trying to lure her out of hiding. I should have signed the letter. But you must understand, when we parted, Velsa was hurt very much."
Tell me what happened. "Velsa loathed her family's business. This one was a slave then, working in the family's kitchen. We ... fell in love. We made a plan to free all the slaves. But she thought I betrayed her. She disappeared before I had a chance to explain."
Why send a letter? You should have just gone to see her. "This one is no longer the young and brave Khajiit that fell in love with Velsa, and it took a long time to even discover she might be in Abah's Landing. Now I am old and my mind isn't what it once was. Velsa would never even recognize me."
I think you should go and talk to her. "Do you really think so? Perhaps that would be best. Enough time has gone by without this one seeing Velsa's sweet face. Even is she's still angry, at least I can tell her that I never betrayed her. Since she didn't come here, I'll have to go to her."
Good. Let's go to Abah's Landing.