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"I knew your were game."
―Naril Heleran[src]

Naril Heleran is a Dunmer residing at the Rededication Shrine in Davon's Watch in Stonefalls.


Exquisite TearsEdit

A shady character named Naril Heleran contacted the Vestige at Davon's Watch. He said they could both profit if they "procured" a rare and expensive bottle of wine for him. If they are to procure a bottle of Tears of Amaya, they'll need to swap the real bottle with a fake bottle given to me by Heleran.

Taking the TowerEdit

Naril Heleran is encountered once again in Ebonheart City, and has asked for assistance on yet another wine-related "business venture." Go the local inn and "procure" a bottle of White-Gold Tower for him.


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