Narsis Dren is a Dunmer adventurer and author who travels across Tamriel to explore ancient ruins. He can be found exploring the Exile's Barrow in Wrothgar and Dreloth Ancestral Tomb in Vvardenfell.


Wrothgar questsEdit

Draugr DilemmaEdit

Help Mazgoth's Clan at Exile's Barrow deal with their draugr problem.

Vvardenfell questsEdit

Ancestral AdversityEdit





  • He has written the books Narsis Dren and the Lost Notebook and Dwemer Dreams, and is also mentioned in the notes from the Hireling Valinka Stoneheaver.
  • Narsis Dren is based on Indiana Jones, an adventurer who also delves into ancient tombs for artifacts, shares a first name with a location, and also has a similar sounding last name.
  • It was originally intended that Narsis Dren would be a lorebook-only character, but was added into the game due to his popularity.[1]