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"What I want and what I do are usually very different things, my friend."
―Naryu Virian[src]

Naryu Virian is a Dunmer who seeks contact with the Vestige in Deshaan. She is an assassin of the Morag Tong who was hired to eliminate the source of the Llodos Plague and will therefore seek the help of the Vestige.

Alongside senior member Varon Davel, the two are the only remaining members of their cell within the Tong. With the Morag Tong persecuted during the 2nd Era first from the assassination of the Reman Potentate and from the Dark Brotherhood schism, the members of the guild have gone into hiding and are working from the shadows to try and build connections with powerful nobles and regain the strength and influence they once had.


Naryu is first encountered by the Vestige in Narsis, where House Hlaalu had requested help from Mournhold to deal with the Llodos plague and the Maulborn threat.

Naryu returns to Mournhold after taking care of the threat in Narsis, where she secretly helps both the player and Almalexia uncover another Maulborn plot.

She is later seen in Fort Amol, in Eastmarch, where she is given her first solo contract for the Tong to assassinate a Breton alchemist and killer on the loose in Pact lands. She helps the player uncover another plot by Fildgor and the Stormfist Brigade by unifying the angry delegates, and helping the player cut their way through the Stormfist assassins from the shadows.


While skilled in the art of assassination, she shows her softer side especially with the Vestige as she helps them with the task of saving lives. She wishes to see the Morag Tong back to its former glory, and does what she can to increase the Tong's standing with the rest of the Pact even if it is outside her contract.



Show: A Cordial Collaboration

Hello, hero. I'd say I'm surprised to see you, but I've been watching you for days. Acting surprised would be so disingenuous. Let's just say I'm pleased to once again be graced by your company. You're exactly who I hoped to meet out here."

What are you doing in Kvatch, Naryu? "I have a contract. It concerns a corrupt Hlaalu noble hiding in Castle Kvatch. A noble who has to die. I know you work for the Dark Brotherhood now. Our organizations may despise each other, but you and I are friends. And friends help each other."
What kind of help do you need? "This is your territory. I don't want to rankle your superiors by making a social blunder. So here's my brilliant plan. I kill my target and you take all the credit. Lets me complete my contract while giving you the chance to make a good impression."
All right. I'll help you. "Smashing! I always enjoy working with you! We have a certain connection, you and I. Don't you just find it to be so ... intense?"
Do you have a plan? "I thought about entering the castle, but I have the kind of face everyone always remembers - beautiful. So I was thinking ... you go inside, sneak into Dathus's room, and open the secret passage. Then I hop in and take care of business!"
Why do you need my help with this? "I don't. Not to deal with Dathus. But I do enjoy sleep, and that's hard to come by when the Brotherhood sends assassins in the night. Better they never see me. If it comes down to it, I'd hate to have to kill anyone without the proper paperwork."
Tell me more about your target. "Right to business? Oh, very well. Dathus Ildram of House Hlaalu is one of those blood-sucking creatures that needs to be crushed beneath a heavy boot. He believed fleeing from Morrowind would put him out of reach. But here I am, contract and all."
What did he do to deserve death? "Seems like bad form to spill all the gory details. Suffice to say, he swindled some rather important clients and had the audacity to steal from House Hlaalu itself. The last straw was when he closed two orphanages to open a cornerclub."
You're certainly looking good, Naryu. "Of course I do, darling! What did you expect? That I'd get soft and fat after you abandoned me? Seriously, I'm not sure I like that you joined the Dark Brotherhood. I trust you, of course, but your new "family"? Not so much."

After talking to her again:

"I'll wait here while you sneak into the room upstairs. Just open the secret passage and I'll take care of the rest."

After meeting her in The Eight Blessings:

"That went surprisingly well. It's amazing what can be accomplished when trusted associates collaborate to get a job done. House Hlaalu won't recover the gold he embezzled, but at least Dathus won't be tearing down any more orphanages."

Enjoying a nice beverage, I see. "And you should join me! I find that a warm fire, a strong drink, and a hot bath - not necessarily in that order - help me unwind after a contract. Besides, this is Kvatch. You can pray and you can pray. Or you can drink. I prefer the latter."
Did anyone see you leave the castle? "Not a one, hero. But they saw you! Those striking features will be the talk of Kvatch for the next few days. I'd avoid the guards if I were you. Our plan worked flawlessly. Now I won't have to look over my shoulder for the Brotherhood. Thank you."
So what's next for Naryu Virian? "Back to Morrowind, I suppose. Or maybe I'll stick around the Gold Coast for awhile. See the sights. Take in the ambiance. If you have some free time, hero, let's get together. Work on our mutual cooperation. Who knows? You might even enjoy it."
So what have you been up to since we stopped the Maulborn plague? "Oh, you know how it is. A murder here, an assassination there. A girl needs to stay active! But I wanted to thank you again for all the help you provided back in Deshaan. I won't forget that, hero. And I'll never forget you."
Why don't you stay here. The Dark Brotherhood could use someone like you. "That's a sweet offer, hero, but I already work for a shadowy organization. Besides, I don't think I'm exactly Brotherhood material. Too much emphasis on pseudo-religious nonsense for my taste. But no offense of you're into that kind of thing."
Do you still have that dress you wore at Fort Amol? "I'm never going to live that down, am I? I did look good on me, though, didn't it? What am I saying? You have a way of making me act unprofessionally, you know that? Well, keep it up. I kind of like it."

After talking to her again:

"Always a pleasure watching you work, hero. You never notice, but I come around to check on you from time to time. What can I say? You intrigue me. And one of these nights, I'll sneak into your room, and - oh, purely for a social visit, I assure you!"





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