"The irony is delicious. You could cut it with a knife. Or anything else, for that matter."
―Nasmat, about Jakarn[src]

Nasmat is a Redguard first met in the Screaming Mermaid in Port Hunding, Stros M'Kai. She has been involved with Jakarn and along with Irien and Elethien, they want him to make up his mind when all meet on the ship back to Daggerfall. After the quest "Innocent Scoundrel" has been completed, she standing among several Jakarn's admirers.

She later appears in the Cloudy Dregs Inn, in Wayrest where she tells the Vestige, that this establishment is a class above the Screaming Mermaid.


  • "Jakarn's gorgeous. He could rob me anytime."
  • "Blade's edge, we're setting sail with the famous Jakarn! Elethian and I have a bet on who's going to bed him first." —When she is a crew member of The Spearhead