Natch Pinder is an Imperial pauper residing in his home in the inhospitable settlement of Hackdirt.


He is a devout worshiper of the Deep Ones and can often be found fighting alongside the Brethren if they are attacked by the Hero, making him partially responsible for the kidnapping of Seed-Neeus' daughter, Dar-Ma in the quest "A Shadow over Hackdirt".


  • The residents of the town may assist the Brethren in attacking the Hero. 
  • Killing the residents that live in the houses above the caverns can lead to the Hero being arrested by the legion and/or being observed by the Dark Brotherhood.
  • A Nirnroot plant is growing in a pot inside the bedroom of his house.
  • There is an Imperial named Antus Pinder who was a Hero of Kvatch. It is unknown if there is any relation between him and Natch Pinder.
  • Upon first arriving in Hackdirt, he will follow the Hero from a distance.