"I don't like mimes, minstrels, thespians, acrobats, jugglers, troubadours or tumblers. Flutists give me a headache. I particularly hate jesters."


Nazir is a Redguard member of the Dark Brotherhood. After the entrance quest, Nazir is the one who gives the Dragonborn their first set of missions/contracts. Early along in the Dark Brotherhood questline, Nazir can be typically found on the lower level of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in the dining room, usually sitting on a chair. Later on, however, his location changes to the Dawnstar Sanctuary. He wears the Redguard Hood, clothes, and boots.



Nazir will offer contracts on several people around Skyrim. These are optional and have no effect on the Dark Brotherhood questline, but at one point Astrid asks for the Dragonborn to get one contract with Nazir while she decides whether she will allow them to contact Amaund Motierre. Leveled septims are rewarded for each kill, except for the final kill on Safia, for which 35% more GoldIcon than the usual is rewarded.

The possible contracts are as follows:

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!Edit

If the Dragonborn chooses to destroy the Dark Brotherhood, Nazir will be killed, along with everybody in the Sanctuary except Cicero and Babette.


Nazir serves as a master level trainer in the Light Armor skill.



Nazir, Babette, the Dragonborn, and Cicero (if he is spared), are the only members of the Dark Brotherhood to survive the Penitus Oculatus attack on the Sanctuary. After defeating the soldiers, the Dragonborn tells Nazir that the contract is still on and the Family lives. Surprised, Nazir says to go on and fulfill the contract while he and Babette move to the Dawnstar Sanctuary with the Night Mother.

After completing the quest "Hail Sithis!," he asks the Dragonborn to make the sanctuary more "livable." The Dragonborn can use the 20,000 GoldIcon given by Amaund Motierre to pay for renovations sold by Delvin Mallory.


  • "Happy hunting."
  • "You reek of death, my friend. I salute you."
  • "Good luck. And try not to get yourself killed."
  • "So many contracts, so little time..."
  • "I am Redguard if you hadn't noticed, but not like you, no, not like you."
  • "I'll follow you 'til I'm dust in the breeze. You do realize that?" (After the completion of "Hail Sithis!")
  • "You have people to kill, my friend. Best get to it."


  • Nazir, along with Babette, Cicero (if spared), and the Dragonborn are the only survivors who made it out from the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary when it was destroyed.
  • He is voiced by Erik Dellums, who also voices Three Dog from Fallout 3, and Nazir is the only NPC in the game to be voiced by him.
  • In Hebrew, Nazir means "monk"; in Arabic, it means "harbinger".
  • If the Dragonborn is a Redguard, when first speaking to Nazir he will insult them, saying, "I am Redguard if you hadn't noticed, but not like you, no, not like you."
  • On the completion of his contracts he usually has a joke, pun, or sarcastic remark about the job, except for when assassinating the vampire Hern, which to him is no laughing matter.
  • Standing next to Nazir while he is cooking will make him say that he learned how to cook from his father, who he killed afterwards.
  • After completing the quest "Hail Sithis!" and standing near Nazir while he is busy cooking, he might joke about making the Potage Le Magnifique used to kill the fake emperor, although not the same way the Dragonborn did it.
  • Upon returning to the Dawnstar Sanctuary after sparing Cicero, Nazir will say, "Why am I not surprised to learn Cicero is alive? I still can't stomach the little clown, but if you've welcomed him here, I won't question it."
  • Nazir may comment on Cicero, asking the Dragonborn, "Can't you stop the...dancing?" even if Cicero is an active follower, and thus is not at the Sanctuary.
  • Nazir does not ask for the passphrase needed to enter the Dawnstar Sanctuary during the beginning of "Hail Sithis!" However, he and Babette appear within the Sanctuary regardless.


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  •  PC   PS3   Nazir may not have the appropriate dialogue options in order to trigger the second set of side contracts.
  • After completion of the Dark Brotherhood questline, when talked to, Nazir may only say, "Haven't you talked to Astrid? She's by the pool, greeting the Night Mother and her little jester. She has a contract for you. Come see me afterward."
  • Even after the Penitus Oculatus burn down the Falkreath Sanctuary, Nazir may still warm his hands over what used to be a firepit, even though there is no flame.
  •  PC   Nazir will be always sleeping in his bed.


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