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Not to be confused with Nchardahrk.

Nchardak is a Dwemer ruin slightly northeast of the Sun Stone on Solstheim.


Known as the "City of a Hundred Towers", it was the largest of the great Dwemer Archives and perhaps the most advanced. Legends tell that when the Nords tried to conquer it, the Dwemer submerged the entire city into the sea until the invaders gave up.

The workshops in the city were reputed to be capable of assembling a complete automaton in a single day. It has been believed that much of the Dwemer army that fought at the Battle of Red Mountain was constructed in Nchardak.

Like most of the Dwemers' cities, Nchardak fell into a state of disrepair and ruin after the Dwemers' disappearance. By the Fourth Era most of the lower levels of the city have flooded and bandits have taken up residence in the outer areas.


Nchardak Great ChamberEdit

After the main quest the water level can be lowered by taking the cubes from the boilers. On the left path there will be a room that has a centurion sphere and a chest, but also a cube receptacle which will lower the last of the water in the great chamber (provided the other 2 cubes are already in place at the top of the chamber).

At the bottom of the room, a temporary cube receptacle is found which will open a door to a chest. Along the floor 3-4 malachite veins can be found. Underneath the aqueduct door on the map, around a large column base, is a small chest and on the left side there is a dwarven battle axe.

Nchardak WorkshopEdit

Returning after the main quest mission is easier because multiple Dwemer cubes can be brought to lower the water level all the way (which is necessary to reach the lower rooms).

On the bottom floor there are some tables with some random Dwemer items, a few weapons, and pieces of armor.

In the 2 side rooms, looking left from the top, a cube receptacle and some more Dwemer items can be seen. To the right are some more dwarven items.

Nchardak AqueductEdit

After completing the quest "The Path of Knowledge", it is possible to return to the great chamber and reinstall the cubes at various locations.  The aqueduct can be reached by removing one cube from the boiler switches, then going to the furthermost right of the room, where there is a control switch and a locked door. A control cube is needed to unlock the door. This leads to the aqueduct.

The Kagrumez Resonance Gem is inside a room with no direct entrance to the east side of the aqueduct. It is possible to get inside by first lowering all the bridges and following them to the room on the eastern most side where the Control Pedestal is. From the ledge in front of the control pedestal, another small ledge is visible to the right. After jumping there, one of the rocks can be used as a stepping point to jump to the room right above that ledge. There's another control switch that opens the door, and inside there will be a Dwarven Ballista Master. On the table is the stone and a chest with random loot.

Notable itemsEdit



  • The Dwemeris text written on the ring around the Black Book: Epistolary Acumen's repository in the Reading Room translates into "ENKAGR BCHARN" (or "BCHARN ENKAGR, depending on where the Dragonborn starts), which is repeated 4 times. It is unknown what this means, though this word "Bcharn" has been seen before as "Karstangz-Bcharn," a device which could control the weather, seen in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.
  • When diving into the water, before placing the cubes, the water fountains that would usually appear after the water levels submerges are in fact functioning as if the water level has been reduced.


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