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Nchuleftingth is a Dwemer Ruin located south of Uvirith's Grave in the central Molag Amur region, and it is marked on the world map.

The Dwemer ruin is the location where Edwinna Elbert may send the Nerevarine on a Mages Guild quest to retrieve an excavation report.

Nchuleftingth is divided into three sections: the Lower and Upper levels, and the Test of Pattern.


Nchuleftingth ExpeditionEdit

If the Nerevarine has sufficient rank in the Mages Guild, Edwinna Elbert in Ald'ruhn will task them to get a progress report from Nchuleftingth.

Mystery of the DwarvesEdit

The Nerevarine will have to try to discover the reason behind the disappearance of the Dwemer.

Letter to Senilias CadiususEdit

After retrieving the Dwemer Puzzle Box from Arkngthand for Hasphat Antabolis, he receives a letter of introduction. The Letter to Senilias Cadiusus and Hasphat Antabolis suggests that the Nerevarine should visit her to offer assistance.


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