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Necrom is a city in the province of Morrowind. It is one of several possible locations that the Eternal Champion may discover in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


"The City of the Dead", Necrom perpetuates a religious tradition that predates the Tribunal cult. From across Morrowind, Dark Elves of every clan bring their dead in solemn processions that can last for months. From the mainland, Necrom, with its lofty walls and white towers, appears to be an immense necropolis, an impression that is strengthened by the constant traffic of corpses across the causeway into the city, a traffic which never ceases, day or night. In fact, the city teems with life: a vast and complex hierarchy of priests and attendants whose sole duty is to prepare the dead for the afterlife and deposit their bodies with the appropriate ritual into the catacombs which honeycomb the rock beneath the city. To the west of the city is a large cemetery which is home to many dangerous creatures.[1] A food called Rat Necrom with Bonemeal Gravy which bears the city's name is banned in Cyrodiil.[2] A common saying "From Necrom to Daggerfall" is often used to tell of Tamriel's size.[3]

The Indigo Scrolls are located here.[4]


  • The Dunmer word for "necromancer" is arcuhnecrom.



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