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For other uses, see Necromancer's Amulet.

The Necromancer's Amulet is a leveled amulet that the Hero needs to take back to the Arcane University.


The Necromancer's AmuletEdit

Hannibal Traven is concerned because the Mages Council is in jeopardy. He is afraid that Mannimarco will find the mages, kill them, and take the artifacts, thereby gaining more power.

Two of the high-ranking members of the Council have left, taking two powerful artifacts with them. Caranya took the Necromancer's Amulet to Fort Ontus, southwest of Chorrol.


Level Base Value Weight Enchantments Apparel ID
1-4 0 GoldIcon 0.4 WeightIcon Drain Attribute: Endurance 10 pts
Drain Attribute: Strength 10 pts
Fortify Magicka 30 pts
Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 4 pts
Fortify Attribute: Willpower 4 pts
Fortify Skill: Conjuration 2 pts
5-9 0 GoldIcon 0.4 WeightIcon Drain Attribute: Endurance 13 pts
Drain Attribute: Strength 13 pts
Fortify Magicka 50 pts
Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 6 pts
Fortify Attribute: Willpower 6 pts
Fortify Skill: Conjuration 4 pts
10-14 0 GoldIcon 0.4 WeightIcon Drain Attribute: Endurance 16 pts
Drain Attribute: Strength 16 pts
Fortify Magicka 70 pts
Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 8 pts
Fortify Attribute: Willpower 8 pts
Fortify Skill: Conjuration 6 pts
15-19 0 GoldIcon 0.4 WeightIcon Drain Attribute: Endurance 19 pts
Drain Attribute: Strength 19 pts
Fortify Magicka 90 pts
Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 10 pts
Fortify Attribute: Willpower 10 pts
Fortify Skill: Conjuration 8 pts
20-24 0 GoldIcon 0.4 WeightIcon Drain Attribute: Endurance 22 pts
Drain Attribute: Strength 22 pts
Fortify Magicka 110 pts
Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 12 pts
Fortify Attribute: Willpower 12 pts
Fortify Skill: Conjuration 10 pts
25+ 0 GoldIcon 0.4 WeightIcon Drain Attribute: Endurance 25 pts
Drain Attribute: Strength 25 pts
Fortify Magicka 130 pts
Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 14 pts
Fortify Attribute: Willpower 14 pts
Fortify Skill: Conjuration 12 pts


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