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Basic Info
Spells/Abilities Sparks
Reanimate Corpse

Conjure Flame Atronach
Conjure Frost Atronach

ArmorIcon Necromancer Robes
Loot Necromancer Robes
Iron Dagger or higher levels can have a Steel Dagger
Soul Size Black
For other uses, see Necromancer.

Necromancers are mages who specialize in the conjuring of undead creatures. They usually have raised undead lurking inside their lairs that are permanent and do not dispel unless defeated.

Equipment and combatEdit

Necromancers wear robes that increase the regeneration of magicka by 75%; when disenchanted these robes allow the Dragonborn to learn the Fortify Magicka regeneration enchantment. When forced into close-combat, or when their magicka pool is completely drained, they use Iron Daggers or Iron Maces. Sometimes they will use a steel dagger or a steel mace but this is normally at higher levels. At highest levels, they will move on to orcish weapons.

When brought to battle, Necromancers immediately summon skeletons or corpses, then flee from melee range and use Sparks, Flames, or Frostbite. They may also cast Conjure Flame Atronach instead of reanimating the dead, if there aren't any on the area.


Notable NecromancersEdit


This table depicts the different types of necromancers, as well as their combat styles.

Type Magicka Spells
Novice Necromancer 130 Frostbite, Reanimate Corpse, Healing
Apprentice Necromancer 185 Frostbite, Ice Spike, Reanimate Corpse, Fast Healing, Steadfast Ward
Adept Necromancer 230 Frostbite, Ice Spike, Revenant, Fast Healing, Steadfast Ward
Expert Necromancer 290 Ice Spike, Revenant, Fast Healing, Greater Ward, Ironflesh
Master Necromancer 360 Ice Spike, Ice Storm, Dread Zombie, Close Wounds, Greater Ward, Turn Greater Undead, Ebonyflesh

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