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The Nede-Chimer War was a conflict that occurred in the early First Era between the human Nedes and elven Chimer.


The Chimer, whom had been led by the prophet Veloth into Morrowind in the Merethic Era, were new to the land foreign of the Summerset Isles. As a result, the Nedes, a race known for its desire of conquest, decided to use this to their advantage and attacked the Chimer.[1]

Towards the end of the war, a battle took place at the Stonefalls. In an act of desperation, the Chimer Sorcerers Nilae and Turoni gathered Daedric essence and Nede blood. They then used it on the Chimer commanders, General Balreth and Legate Sadal, turning them into extremely Bone colossi.[2] The newly "Brothers of Strife" attacked the Nedes and obliterated their ranks, forcing them to retreat. However, in the process, they also killed many of their own people.


Due to the sheer danger the brothers posed, Mavos Siloreth bound Balreth to Ash Mountain and Sadal to the Tormented Spire. During the Alliance War in 2E 582, Tanval Indoril unleashed the brothers onto the attacking Daggerfall Covenant. However, the creatures were still as mindless as they were during the war, and with the help of Siloreth's spirit, the Vestige managed to imprison them once again.[3]


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