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For other uses, see Nels Llendo.

Nels Llendo is a Dunmer thief found in the wilderness of the Ascadian Isles, on a path close to the town of Pelagiad. After completing the quest of the same name he will relocate to the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad.


Nels LlendoEdit

After the Nerevarine meets Nels, he pays them 50 GoldIcon if they are a male, or refuses them a kiss as a female, and then takes his leave. However, he mentions that he is staying at the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad, and will be found there after then quest has been completed. He will also become available as a skill trainer.


Nels trains in the following skills:



When asking him about "Training":

Sorry, there is nothing I can do for you now. Nels Llendo does not offer his services to just anyone.

When meeting Nels Llendo in the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad after finishing his quest by granting him his wish:

I'm fine, thank you. What can I do for you?

When meeting Nels Llendo in the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad after finishing his quest without granting him his wish:

What do you want?

When talking to him about "Nels Llendo" after finishing his quest:

That is I. Nels Llendo at your service.

As a femaleEdit

When first talking to him:

Hello my dear. Nels Llendo at your service.

When talking to him about "Nels Llendo" in the course of the quest Nels Llendo:

I see by your blush that my name is familiar to you. Fear not, fair lady. Nels Llendo is far from the heartless villain some had made me out to be. From as charming and gracious a woman as you, I would ask for as a single kiss. It would be the most precious prize I have ever solicited from a...client.

When talking to him about the "kiss":

Yes, all I desire is a single kiss from beautiful lady such as yourself. Will you not grant Nels Llendo so simple a boon?
  • If answering "What harm could a single kiss do?":
Ahhhh...yes. Though it is Nels Llendo they call thief, it is you, [players name], that has stolen my heart. Your kiss is worth more gold than I might find in a Duke's treasury. I must take my leave of you now, dear lady, but I take my lodging at the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad. Perhaps you will visit Nels Llendo there some time. I'm certain I will be able to be of some service to you then. Until that time, good bye.
  • If answering "I'd sooner kiss a guar.":
No? Ah well, perhaps it was too much to hope for a simple man such as Nels Llendo. But, if you ever change your mind, you now where to find me. Good day, madam.


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