"Sorry, help you? I've got a lot of work to do around here."

Nelulin is an Altmer villager living in Phaer.


Nelulin is a villager living in the town of Phaer with his mother Velatosse and brother Iwelien. He's under a lot of pressure due to his brother being one of the first to fall victim to the mysterious plague afflicting the village and his mother's depression over what has happened to him. But he trusts and believes in what Hendil and Amuur are doing.

After the Vestige arrives, Hendil claims that Nenulin is one of the four people showing the early signs of the plague and has one deliver the salloweed salve to him.

He is later on dragged away by the mercenaries into the quarantine zone in the town mine. And it is discovered there that Tancano, Hendil's son, is actually a vampire and is feeding on the villagers who have been knocked out. Fortuantly for Nenulin, he had not yet been fed upon and was just knocked out due to the effects of the salloweed salve.

Sadly for him and his mother, Iwelien had already been fed upon and had gone too far.