"I've been playing this game for almost 20 years. Sending the young to their deaths. All in the name of the Forsworn. And I'm tired. So tired."
―Nepos the Nose[src]


Nepos the Nose is an Elder Reachman and a citizen of Markarth with ties to the Silver-Blood Family interests in Cidhna Mine. He is located in his house reading a book by the fire. His servants, Tynan, Morven, and Uaile appear to be very caring and protective of him, but are actually Forsworn Agents, tasked with watching over him. Uaile greets the Dragonborn at the entrance, tells them Nepos is busy and not to disturb him. If The Forsworn Conspiracy quest is not active, continuing in can lead to being guilty of trespassing and the guards called. He is called "Nepos The Nose" because he has his nose in everyone's business, he also has a generously big nose. He and Thonar Silver-Blood are the primary antagonists of the quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy."


The Forsworn ConspiracyEdit

Nepos' dialogue reveals that he is a Forsworn who answers to Madanach, the King in Rags. He further tells of how Madanach works from the Cidhna Mine, a Nordic prison, directing the downtrodden citizens to kill in the name of the Forsworn. He appears to be unaware of the deal Madanach struck with the Silver-Bloods and believes he is furthering the Forsworn cause, aware he has in fact been aiding the Silver-Blood family the entire time. After exiting the dialogue with Nepos, the Dragonborn will be attacked by Nepos, Uaile, Tynan and Morven.

Notable itemsEdit


  • Nepos attacks with fire-based spells.
  • His journal makes it sound like he regrets the things he has done in the name of the Forsworn, or at very least questions Madanach for continuing his crusade against the Nords and the Empire.
  • If not killed during the quest, he will appear in the Temple of Talos, attacking the Dragonborn on sight.
  • The guards will not intervene if the Dragonborn escapes Nepos' house and he attacks them in public. The guards will however intervene if the Dragonborn casts a Fury or Frenzy spell on him.