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Nerano Manor Key

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Nerano Manor Key
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Quest Giver Sugar-Lips Habasi
Prerequisite Diamonds for Habasi
Reward 500 GoldIcon
+5 reputation with the Thieves Guild
Faction Thieves Guild

Nerano Manor Key is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Walkthrough Edit

Sugar-Lips Habasi wants the Nerevarine to acquire the key to Nerano Manor. There are two copies, one held by Ondres Nerano in the manor itself, and his servant Sovor Trandel, who is found by the Council Club in Balmora.

Obtaining the Manor KeyEdit

There are multiple ways of obtaining the key to the manor:

  • Pickpocket it from Ondres or Sovor.
  • Kill Sovor to obtain the key.
  • Persuade Sovor to 70 Disposition. Then he will ask for a little compensation and give the key if the Nerevarine bribes enough.
  • Kill Ondres, preferably with Hand-to-Hand, or Sovor. However, the reward will be less if Ondres or Sovor are killed to obtain the key.

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