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Name unknown
Biographical information


Date of birth

Before 3E 427

Physical description

Defined by player, Dunmer in default


Defined by player, male in default

Hair color

Defined by player

Eye color

Defined by player

Chronological and political information

Third and Fourth


Nerevaric camps;
Nerevarine Cult;
Great Houses (Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni);
Empire of Tamriel

"You are the Nerevarine. You are the Chosen. You can't fail."
―Ghosts of previous Nerevarines to the Nerevarine.[src]

The Nerevarine (not to be confused with a nerevarine) is the legitimate reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar as well as the player character and protagonist of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and its expansions Bloodmoon and Tribunal.


For their treachery, Azura proclaimed that someday Nerevar would be reincarnated and would make things right again. The Tribunal had merely brushed this off, and it took a great while for any thought of this to be taken seriously.

For a long while, the Ashlanders continued to believe in the eventual reincarnation of Nerevar, despite the oppression of the Temple. Several people appeared claiming to be the Nerevarine, but none were able to withstand the Nerevarine Prophecy. Then, during 3E 426, a prisoner born of uncertain parentage, but under a certain sign, was sent by the ailing Emperor to Morrowind, and arrived in the port town of Seyda Neen. The Septim Dynasty had long possessed the Elder Scrolls, and thus had some prophetic abilities. It is never shown just how strong these prophetic abilities are, nor how detailed the visions of the future they provide are.

Uriel Septim VII, although quite advanced in years, had a sharp mind and knew quite well the value of the wrong man in the right situation. He sent the prisoner there as a form of religious manipulation. He did this to meet the criteria of the Nerevarine, to rise to the occasion seemingly out of nowhere, and all the while being a secret inductee of the Blades. This would ensure he was under constant Imperial supervision and observation, and that he/she would have no choice but to act in the best interests of the Empire. To the surprise of all involved, save perhaps the Emperor and the Elder Council, the prisoner began to exhibit more and more of the specific criteria of the Nerevarine. When he/she obtains the ring that Nerevar used to persuade the other factions to his cause, One-Clan-Under-Moon-and-Star, or simply Moon-and-Star, from its resting place, The Cavern of the Incarnate, it is revealed that the Prisoner is Nerevar reincarnated (since supposedly no one but Nerevar himself can wear the Moon-and-Star ring without dying).

Eventually, the Nerevarine accomplished the goal of defeating Dagoth Ur, in turn bringing about the eventual fall of the Tribunal.

Events of MorrowindEdit


Jiub the first person the Nerevarine meets.

The Nerevarine first arrives in Morrowind from the Imperial City placed on a ship for an unknown reason He or She is awakened from their slumber by a Dunmer known as Jiub. Jiub states that The Nerevarine was asleep for a long time and that nothing would wake Him or her and that they have arrived in the province of Morrowind. Soon a guard escorts the Nerevarine to a Census and Excise office in the town of Seyda Neen on the island of Vvardenfell were the Nerevarine gave information about their name, class, birth sign and their race. After that the Nerevarine had to speak with Sellus Gravius to obtain their release papers there Sellus gives the Nerevarine a sealed package for Caius Cosades and orders him or her to deliver the package to Caius in the city of Balmora. The Nerevarine travels to Balmora where they meet Caius, there he reveals to the Nerevarine that the Emperor has tasked him to train the Nerevarine and inform Him or Her about the House Dagoth and the Nerevarine Prophecies and makes the Nerevarine a member of the Blades.


The Spymaster Caius Cosades

Caius then tasks the Nerevarine to find Hasphat Antabolis at the Balmora Fighters Guild to gain some information on the Sixth House once there Hasphat tasks the Nerevarine to find a Dwemerpuzzle box in order to gain the information about the Sixth House the Nerevarine travels to the ruins of Arkngthand to retrieve it. After fighting a group of bandits and Dwemer machinery the Nerevarine obtains the puzzle box and gives it to Hasphat in exchange for the information about the sixth House there Hasphat gives the Nerevarine notes to Caius and thanks them for their efforts. Then the Nerevarine returns to caius and gives him the information about the Sixth house. Caius then redirects the Nerevarine to the Orsimer (Morrowind)) known as Sharn gra-Muzgob who has information about the destined hero known as the Nerevarine. At the Balmora Mages Guild Sharn gra-Muzgob tasks the Nerevarine with obtaining the skull of Llevule Andrano from the Andrano Ancestral Tomb. Once there the Nerevarine fights through the Undead inhabiting the tomb and recovers the skull and gives it to the female Orc. For His or Her efforts Sharn gra-Muzgob gives the Nerevarine notes concerning the prophesized hero, once returning to Caius he promotes the Nerevarine to Apprentice rank in the blades and assigns them on a mission to Vivec City to obtain information from the Argonian (Morrowind) Huleeya, the Khajiit (Morrowind) Addhiranirr and the Dunmer Mehra Milo concerning the Sixth House the Nerevarine Prophecy and the Nerevarine Cult. After completing the required tasks from the three informants the Nerevarine will be given notes about the Nerevarine, learn that the Sixth House is actually House Dagoth one of Morrowinds ancient Houses and that it was destroyed in the War of the First Council and that they have been hiring smugglers to work for their House and that the Ashlanders believe that the Tribunal gods are false gods, and that the Chimer general Indoril Nerevar will be reincarnated as the great hero Nerevarine who will cast down the Tribunal and defeat the terrible Dagoth Ur. The Nerevarine then learns from Mehra Milo that the Dissident Priests believe this to,and because of this they defy the Tribunal. She then suggests that the Nerevarine buy the illegal book "Progress of Truth" which tells the Nerevarine prophecies. The Nerevarine then buys the book from an illegal merchant or steals it from the Library of Vivec, He or She then returns to Balmora and gives the information to Caius after being rewarded Caius then tasks the Nerevarine with traveling to the city of Ald'ruhn to locate the former ashlander named Hassour Zainsubani.

The Nerevarine travels to Ald'ruhn and speaks to Hassour about the Nerevarine cult and their beliefs. Hassour does not speak to the Nerevarine due to being an outsider and will only talk if the Nerevarine gives them a gift. When the Nerevarine returns with a gift for Hassour he says that the Ashlanders believe that the long dead general Indoril Nerevar will be reincarnated as the great hero Nerevarine, who will cast down the Tribunal and will reinstate the worship of the Daedra Azura, Boethia and Mephala once again. He then tells the Nerevarine that the Urshilaku Tribe the most devout worshipers of the Nerevarine Cult will provide him or her the needed information about the subject. Hassour then gives the Nerevarine the notes that Caius will want and sends the Nerevarine back to Balmora. When back at Balmora Caius Cosades will tell the Nerevarine that the Emperor thinks that you fit the criteria of Nerevar reborn and explains why you where sent to Morrowind, he then gives the package that the Nerevarine gave to him when He or She arrived on Vvardenfell.

He then tasks the Nerevarine to travel to the Urshilaku Camp and speak to their leaders about the Nerevarine Prophecies. After arriving at the camp the residents will not like you calling you "outlander" and behave non friendly to the Nerevarine. Under the great hut you will find Sul-Matuul who is hostile to the Nerevarine and can not be interacted with, Then the Nerevarine goes to the yurt of Zabamund. After talking to Zabamound the Nerevarine had to either give the Dunmer a gift or give an honest answer to speak with Sul-Matuul. Once the Nerevarine proves his worth to Zabamund he redirects Him or Her to Sul Matuuls yurt where he gives the Nerevarine a task, retrieve the bow of his father Sul-Senipul. after traveling to the tribes ancestral tomb and killing the shade of Sul-Senipul and taking his bow the Nerevarine returned to the camp where Sul-matuul gave his fathers bow to the Nerevarine and redirected Him or Her to the tribes wise women Nibani Maesa who after explaining the criteria for being the Nerevarine says that the hero is not Nerevar reborn but still gives the Nerevarine two books on the subject to give to Caius.

After traveling back to Balmora and giving the books to Caius he tells the Nerevarine that a Sixth House base has been discovered near the settlement of Gnaar Mok and that He or She needs to report to Raesa Pullia at Buckmoth Legion Fort. Once at the fort the Nerevarine learns from Raesa Pullia that a group of her soldiers that where sent to investigate the cavern of [[Ilunibi] but were ambushed by minions of House Dagoth under the control of Dagoth Gares who spared one soldier to tell all that Dagoth Ur has risen again. She then told the Nerevarine that the spared soldier later died of corprus disease. The Nerevarine then went to the cavern of Ilunibi, there the Nerevarine fought the minions of House Dagoth. When at last the Nerevarine reached Dagoth Gares the Ash Ghouloffered the Nerevarine to join House Dagoth with a message from Dagoth Ur himself but the Nerevarine refused and killed Dagoth Gares. But with his final breath Dagoth Gares cursed the Nerevarine with Corprus and so the Nerevarine went back to Balmora were Caius suggested the He or She journey to Tel Fyr where the great Wizard Divayth Fyr lives, there the Nerevarine met the great wizard to ask for a cure. To obtain this cure the Wizard told the Nerevarine to head down to the Corprusarium to obtain special magical boots from the last living Dwemer Yagrum Bagarn, once the boots where obtained the Nerevarine was given a special potion which Divath Fyr said would cure the affliction. To the surprise of the wizard the cure worked by removing the negative affects of Corprus but also keeping the strength and disease resistance that came with it. The Nerevarine then returned to Balmora where Caius Cosades reveals that He has been recalled back to Cyrodiil as a final task he sends the Nerevarine to Vivec city to find Mehra Milo.


The god Vivec

Caius also promotes the Nerevarine to head of the Blades in Vvardenfell and gives him his house as a base of operations. The Nerevarine heads to Vivec city only to find out that Mehra Milo has gone missing, further searching in Mehras sleeping quarters reveals that she has been imprisoned in the Ministry of Truth and that she needs the Nerevarines help in escaping. After breaking in to the ministry of truth and fighting several Ordinator guards the Nerevarine succeeds in saving Mehra Milo. After escaping the city the Nerevarine traveled to Ebonheart were the Nerevarine found a way to the monastery of Holamayan there the Nerevarine gained three books from Gilvas Barelo. after that the Nerevarine traveled to the Ashlanders camp, where He or She speaks to the tribes wise women Nebani Maesa who then tasks them with three tasks the last one to head to the Cavern of the Incarnate once there the Nerevarine picks up the Moon-and-Star, and Azura speaks to Him or Her and gives the nerevarine her blessing proving that the Hero in Nerevar reborn.


Dagoth Ur

Now the Nerevarine had to be declared Hortator by the Great Houses and by the Ashlander tribes. After becoming Horator of the tribes and Great Houses the Nerevarine was given a message that told Him or Her to travel to Vivec city and speak with the leader of the Tribunal Temple on Vvardenfell Tholer Saryoni. once the Nerevarine had met with the High Priest Tholer arranged a meeting with the God Vivec (God). Once meeting with the god Vivec gave the Nerevarine Wraithguard on of the tools of Kagrenac and one of the three weapons used to make the Tribunal gods by harnessing the power of the Heart of Lorkhan, but also used to kill Dagoth Ur by destroying the Heart of Lorkhan as Dagoth Ur lifeline is connected to the Heart. The Nerevarine soon went to Ghostgate where He or She found the other tools Keening (Morrowind) and Sunder, Fought in the Red Mountain severing the Heart from the mortal plane and killing Dagoth Ur in his fortress and saving all of Morrowind from the Blight and the golem Akulakhan. After conversing with Dagoth Ur it is revealed that Dagoth Ur planned to connect all mortals to the Heart thus allowing Dagoth Ur to control them. But thanks to the Nerevarine his plans failed and died along with him and his house.


In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the Hero of Kvatch can overhear that the Nerevarine has left on an expedition to Akavir, but has not been heard from since their departure. Officially, their fate is uncertain.



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Events of Morrowind

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