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"You are the Nerevarine. You are the Chosen. You can't fail."
―Ghosts of previous nerevarines to the Nerevarine.
Name unknown
Biographical information


Date of birth

Before 3E 427

Physical description

Defined by player, Dunmer in default


Defined by player, male in default

Hair color

Defined by player

Eye color

Defined by player

Chronological and political information

Third and Fourth


Nerevaric camps;
Nerevarine Cult;
Great Houses (Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni);
Empire of Tamriel


The Nerevarine (not to be confused with a nerevarine) is the legitimate reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar as well as the player character and protagonist of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and its expansions Bloodmoon and Tribunal.


For their treachery, Azura proclaimed that someday Nerevar would be reincarnated and would make things right again. The Tribunal had merely brushed this off, and it took a great while for any thought of this to be taken seriously.

For a long while, the Ashlanders continued to believe in the eventual reincarnation of Nerevar, despite the oppression of the Temple. Several people appeared claiming to be the Nerevarine, but none were able to withstand the Nerevarine Prophecy. Then, during 3E 426, a prisoner born of uncertain parentage, but under a certain sign, was sent by the ailing Emperor to Morrowind, and arrived in the port town of Seyda Neen. The Septim Dynasty had long possessed the Elder Scrolls, and thus had some prophetic abilities. It is never shown just how strong these prophetic abilities are, nor how detailed the visions of the future they provide are.

Uriel Septim VII, although quite advanced in years, had a sharp mind and knew quite well the value of the wrong man in the right situation. He sent the prisoner there as a form of religious manipulation. He did this to meet the criteria of the Nerevarine, to rise to the occasion seemingly out of nowhere, and all the while being a secret inductee of the Blades. This would ensure he was under constant Imperial supervision and observation, and that he/she would have no choice but to act in the best interests of the Empire. To the surprise of all involved, save perhaps the Emperor and the Elder Council, the prisoner began to exhibit more and more of the specific criteria of the Nerevarine. When he/she obtains the ring that Nerevar used to persuade the other factions to his cause, One-Clan-Under-Moon-and-Star, or simply Moon-and-Star, from its resting place, The Cavern of the Incarnate, it is revealed that the Prisoner is Nerevar reincarnated (since supposedly no one but Nerevar himself can wear the Moon-and-Star ring without dying).

Eventually, the Nerevarine accomplished the goal of defeating Dagoth Ur, in turn bringing about the eventual fall of the Tribunal.


In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the Hero of Kvatch can overhear that the Nerevarine has left on an expedition to Akavir, but has not been heard from since their departure, officially, their fate is uncertain.



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