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Betty Netch
A Bull Netch
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For this creature in The Elder Scrolls Online, see Netch (Online).

Netch are jellyfish-like creatures that are herded and bred, similar to Guar. Although they possess a somewhat jellyfish appearance, they exist entirely out of water, sustained by internal sacks of magic vapors. The female is referred to as the betty netch, while the male is referred to as the bull netch.

Betty NetchEdit

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The Betty Netch is the female of the netches. They are smaller than the bull netch (male), but are much more easily provoked through aggression. The betty netch has a light translucent cap surrounding a dark tan shell while having four distinct tentacles at the bottom.

Bull NetchEdit

Main article: Bull Netch
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The Bull Netches are the males of the netches. Bull netches are greater in size and sometimes have a poisonous attack. They have a tannish shell while having a purple skin under the shell. Bull netches also have 5 tentacles compared to the females that have only four. They also are greater in numbers than the betty netch.

Armor UsageEdit

Netch skin is leathery in nature, and was often harvested to make armor, as well as a tower shield in the province of Morrowind. Netch leather is often said to sting your skin when you wear it according to the book The Rear Guard.

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