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Reclamations Temple

The Raven Rock Temple of the Reclamations

The New Temple, also known as the House of Reclamations, is the Dunmeri religious order that was formed after the fall of the Tribunal and the second eruption of Red Mountain, better known as the Red Year.

The temple reinstated the worship of the old Dunmeri Pantheon which included the Daedric Princes, Boethiah, Azura and Mephala. These three deities were known to the temple as the "Reclamations", as if reclaiming their status[1] or the "True-Tribunal".[2]

The now dead or missing deities of ALMSIVI - Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil - were dubbed "saints"[1] and ALMSIVI was henceforth known as the "False-Tribunal" as decreed by the New Temple.[2]



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