"I'm Newheim, Anvil harbormaster. I'm responsible for all harbor traffic, docks, duties and fees in Anvil harbor."
―Newheim the Portly[src]

Newheim the Portly quote

Newheim the Portly is a rosy-cheeked Nord citizen living in the town of Anvil. Newheim the Portly's House is located next to Pinarus Inventius' house near the Fighters Guild.

He is most often found on the Gold Coast docks outside of Anvil. He is an avid drinker; the quest Newheim's Flagon is directly related to him.


Newheim's FlagonEdit

Retrieve Newheim's family heirloom from Hrota Cave.


Anvil: "Traffic through Anvil harbor comes mostly in exotic, high-profit goods easy to transport by road or Mages Guild couriers to eastern markets."