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Night's Silence is an enchantment that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online.


An item that is enchanted with Night's Silence will also have an enchantment called "Part of the Night's Silence Set."

  • (2 Items) – Adds 22 Maximum Stamina.
  • (3 Items) – Adds 3 Stamina Recovery.
  • (4 Items) – Adds 16 Weapon Critical.
  • (5 Items) – Ignore Movement Speed penalty while in Stealth Mode.


In order to craft an item with the Night's Silence set enchantment, the item being crafted must have at least 2 traits researched for it and crafted at one of the proper crafting stations. It is important to select the "Set Item" creation icon.


The necessary crafting stations needed to apply this enchantment can be found at:


  • Update 4: As of Update 4: Fixed an issue where you could stack the Dark Stalker passive with the Night's Silence or Shadow Dancer's Raiment item sets to move at mount speed. This is no longer possible—you get the bonus from either Dark Stalker or Night's Silence or Shadow Dancer's Raiment.