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"I know it must be hard for an adventurer such as you to understand this, but we Skaal live very boring lives."

Nikulas is a Nord living in the Skaal Village on Solstheim.


Nikulas has grown weary of the Skaal lifestyle, wishing to leave the Skaal Village and go out into the world. There, he hopes to earn great glory, claim vast riches, and hunt the deadliest creatures—much to the disdain of his mother, Edla.


Nikulas' FutureEdit

Edla asks the Dragonborn to talk some sense into Nikulas about his dreams of becoming an adventurer.


  • Despite being told that the Dragonborn can tell Nikulas the Dragonborn is willing to help him get started as an adventurer, he does not become a follower. Selecting the option merely leads to paying him a leveled amount of GoldIcon.