"I continue to work on my masterpiece. The one song that will win the heart of the woman I can't live without. She'll surely swoon and accept my hand in marriage the moment she hears it. I... just need to finish it first."
―Nil the Bard[src]

Nil the Bard is a Dunmer bard performing at the Cold Moon Inn in Windhelm. He is in love with Innbild Cold-Moon.


Who are you writing the song for?: "Innbild Cold-Moon. That woman is the definition of beauty and grace. Sue, many would call her a simple stable girl, but I know her to be so much more."

What does she think of you?: "Well, she knows my name. At least, I'm pretty sure she knows my name. I'm working on more. Hopefully, this song will convince her of my worth as a suitor."
Have you told her how you feel?: "Why would I do that when I can sing her a beautiful song that describes my feelings? What a strange suggestion."