Nine-Toes is an Argonian hunter member of the Blades who resides in his house in Balmora.


The Death of Ralen HlaaloEdit

If the Balmora townspeople are asked about Ralen Hlaalo, they will say Nine-Toes murdered him. Nine-Toes denies any involvement with the crime, and Thanelen Velas is found to be the true killer.

Blades TrainersEdit

Caius Cosades will direct the Nerevarine to the various trainers of the Blades around Vvardenfell.


Nine-Toes serves as a Journeyman Trainer in Athletics, Illusion, and Sneak.


Nine-Toes wears common pants, a common shirt and a common belt. He uses a steel crossbow as his weapon with 80 steel bolts.