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For other uses, see Ninendava.

Ninendava is a small Ayleid Ruin located west of Bruma, northeast of Sancre Tor. It contains one Ayleid Statue, which is located north of the entrance up a flight of stairs in the very back room.

There is one Ayleid trap inside. As in all Ayleid ruins, there are a few Ayleid casks with various radiant items inside them.

In the early days of the Alessian Rebellion, Pelinal Whitestrake smashed the head of the Ayleid king Gordhaur the Shaper in a goat-faced altar in Ninendava, then cursed his body with a plague spell so he wouldn't return to life.

Notable ItemsEdit


The CollectorEdit

Lord Umbacano of Umbacano Manor in the Talos Plaza District is a collector of rare Ayleid antiquities.



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