Nirncrux is a reddish-hued material used to create Nirnhoned equipment which increases spell resistance. It is frequently mined by Iron Orcs in Craglorn. It is found in Upper Craglorn and is linked to the ancient Nedes who settled the region. It is known to have magical properties.

It is a crimson-colored rock normally found in Upper Craglorn. It is frequently ground into a dust by the Iron Orc miners found in the north of the region.


There are 2 types of "Nirncrux": Fortified and Potent. Potent nirncrux can be obtained by mining ore in Upper Craglorn, whilst fortified nirncrux can be obtained by looting animals and obtaining farming supplies.

Nirncrux MinesEdit

In the far north of Craglorn, Iron Orcs frequently mine nirncrux for its magical properties. The Orcs themselves are rarely seen mining, but use their troll slaves to do it for them.