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For other uses, see Nirnroot.

Nirnroot is an ingredient in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It can be found near water sources throughout Cyrodiil. Many Nirnroots are found in pots within shops, homes, and guilds. Taking some of these potted samples is a crime.


Unlike every other plant in the game, Nirnroot does not regrow; each plant can only be harvested once. Consequently, Nirnroot is a rare plant — in fact, so rare, that no alchemist recognizes what the plant is except a man named Sinderion, located in the basement of the West Weald Inn in Skingrad.

Number of plantsEdit

There are a total of 306 Nirnroots in Cyrodiil (263 outdoors, 43 indoors).

Locating themEdit

Most Nirnroots are found near bodies of water, some are found in various buildings throughout Cyrodiil. Paying attention to shorelines and potted plants while traveling helps locate these plants without extra effort. A faint, pulsating sound emits from the location of a Nirnroot.


Seeking Your RootsEdit

Speak to Sinderion in the basement of the West Weald Inn in Skingrad, or harvest Nirnroot for the first time then speak to any alchemist to learn Sinderions location. After collecting enough Nirnroot, Sinderion will create an Elixir of Exploration with increasing degrees of strength. He will then sell them to the Champion at a discount, as well as give them one for free.

Nirnroots Requested Elixir of Exploration Potion Effect Duration Base Value
10 Weak Night-Eye, Fortify Health 20 pts. 300 sec. 55GoldIcon
20 Moderate (All Previous)
Fortify Fatigue 20 pts.
300 sec. 80GoldIcon
30 Strong (All Previous)
Fortify Blade, Blunt, Destruction, Restoration, Security and Sneak 5 pts.
300 sec. 170GoldIcon
40 Grand (All from Moderate Elixir)
Fortify Blade, Blunt, Destruction, Restoration, Security, and Sneak 10 pts.
300 sec. 275GoldIcon
(10 at a time)
Sold to Sinderion for 250GoldIcon
  • Every time the Nirnroots are brought to Sinderion, it takes 24 hours to claim the new elixir.
Nirnroot Locations

Locations of Nirnroot



Region locationsEdit

Generally speaking, one can walk or ride along any major or minor body of water and find Nirnroot growing. Sometimes they grow between rocks or behind trees, and so require a bit of searching, but most often they are found relatively out in the open. Traveling along the Niben between Leyawiin and Bravil will yield quite a few Nirnroot.

Other locationsEdit



Nirnroot can be added using the console on PC versions of Oblivion. To acquire them this way, type: player.additem 0004E940 <quantity>. <quantity> denotes the desired amount.