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For other uses, see Nirnroot.
Base Value:
Alchemical Effects
Damage Health Damage Stamina
2 pts for 0 sec 3 pts for 0 sec
Invisibility Resist Magic
for 4 sec 1% for 60 sec
Form ID: 00059B86
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Nirnroot is an ingredient in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can be used to make potions at an alchemy lab as part of Alchemy.


Herbalist Chivius Regelliam noted that a solar event known as Sun's Death severely depleted the presence of Nirnoot in Tamriel, since Nirnroot was a surface dwelling plant which the sun was vital for it. One theory on how the plant survived is that the explosion of Red Mountain mixed with the fertile soil of Cyrodiil gave the soil healing properties, making the plant "preserve itself" during the event and survive without light. The Dunmer used the volcanic ash mixed with soil as a cure for Blight, further supporting this theory. It is still unknown why Nirnroot radiates a bluish-white glow, and is still today largely unstudied. [1]

"Nirnroot" is named because it is a root of Nirn, the planet The Elder Scrolls is set on.

Cultural usesEdit

The Gourmet's recipe for Potage le Magnifique in his book, Uncommon Taste does not call for a Nirnoot, but if the Dragonborn impersonates the cook at Castle Dour, during the Dark Brotherhood questline, a Nirnroot can be added to the casserole as a secret ingredient. Gianna, the Castle's chief cook comments that nirnroot is a common spice in stews and other dishes.


"Nirnroot is the easiest. It grows only by the water and makes a unique chiming noise. The only drawback is it won't regrow after harvesting."
―Ingun Black-Briar[src]
Glowing Nirnroot Skyrim
A Nirnroot, glowing at night.
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Nirnroot can be found throughout Skyrim, usually along lake and river banks. The plant makes a sound somewhat akin to chimes and emits a white glow. The glow is faint in daylight, but very bright—even from a distance—after dark. Crimson Nirnroot, a cousin to Nirnroot, also grows abundantly in Skyrim's Blackreach. A variety of giant nirnroot can be found on Giant Nirnroot Island, in the The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Natural growthsEdit

On displayEdit

Regrowing patchesEdit

Unlike Nirnroot in Cyrodiil, it does eventually grow back once harvested, despite in-game claims that it does not. Also unlike Nirnroot in Cyrodiil, this ingredient can also be bought from Alchemy merchants and sometimes looted from enemies that are mages or Falmer.


A close up of the Nirnroot.
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Main article: Potions (Skyrim)

Damage HealthEdit

Damage StaminaEdit


Resist MagicEdit

* multiple effects


  • Nirnroot cannot be planted in a garden. (Hearthfire)
  • A good way to find the effects of Nirnroot is to combine it with Crimson Nirnroot in a potion as they both have the same effects but are considered different ingredients, making a potion with all four ingredient effects.
  • When close to a Nirnroot a glow can be seen and a twinkling noise heard.


  •  PC   360   Even after harvesting, there is a faint glow where the Nirnroot plant used to be. This can mislead the player into thinking it has regrown.
  •  PS3   360   If not harvested immediately, after some -hundred- of hours of gameplay, the glow around the Nirnroot can increase in brightness reaching a very intense white that does not clear even if the Nirnroot is harvested.
  •  PC  Solution: Erase all the layers of the white light, one by one, with the console command "MarkForDelete" and selecting each layer with the cursor. Caution is advised because it is easy to delete important textures using this method.
  • Mixing Nirnroot with Crimson Nirnroot creates a random potion or poison because the plants have exactly the same effects.


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