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Race Altmer
Gender Female
Level 4
Class Sorcerer
Faction College of Winterhold
Rank Student
Ref ID 0001C1A9
Base ID 0001C19B
"I'm sure you've made note of who's been the most helpful during your time here, Arch-Mage."
―Nirya, once Arch-Mage.[src]

Nirya is an Altmer sorceress found in the College of Winterhold. As a student, she has a grudge against Faralda, but claims it is the other way around.


In general, she seems to be ambitious and overly confident in her own leadership abilities, often and openly criticizing Savos Aren as Arch-Mage. Her tone changes for the flattering and the self-promoting when the Dragonborn becomes Arch-Mage, saying "I'm sure you've made note of who's been the most helpful during your time here, arch-mage." despite doing next to nothing to assist the Dragonborn throughout the storyline. When asked about Ancano, Nirya says, "Although I do not trust him, he is handsome."

She is also shown to be paranoid towards Faralda, accusing her of jealousy and spreading rumors about her. Faralda herself shows no sign of animosity towards her or even acknowledges Nirya's aggressivity. However, if Nirya is killed, a letter from Faralda is received, saying that she knows the Dragonborn killed her, but that she won't tell anyone.

Skill levelEdit

Nirya wears expert robes, although her only skill to exceed level 25 is Alteration, which is level 31.


Her name may be a reference to Narya; one of the elven rings from The Lord of the Rings.


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  •  PC   360   PS3  Being prompted to join the College even after achieving the rank of Arch-Mage. Activating the quest-follower targets Nirya as Quest-goal with no way to end this miscellaneous quest; the conversational options stay the same.
    • Solution for PC: use console command and type: 'setstage MG01Pointer 200'


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