"If you're looking for a handout, you'll want to speak with my husband. If you're looking for company, I suppose I could do worse."


Nivenor is a Bosmer living in Riften.


Her husband is Bolli, the owner of the Riften Fishery. She is less than pleased with her husband's charity and openly expresses discontent. By reading Requested Report, it becomes clear that it's likely that she is sleeping with other men.

Nivenor also seems to not understand the concept of poverty. She mentions the fact that since her husband is so busy "giving handouts" she can pretty much do whatever she wants. Ambient dialogue with Madesi and an angered Bolli will reveal that she has racked up an enormous bill in nothing but jewelry.



  • "With my husband's new found religion, what I do with our coin and what I do all day seem less important to him. Suits me."
  • "At this rate, he'll give the entire Riften Fishery away to charity. Then how will I live?"
  • "Such a waste of time preaching to the poor. If they're that hungry, they should just grow some food or something."
  • "I spend every Friday at the fishery, so I know the meaning of hard work. All those forms to fill out and file; it's exhausting!"
  • "Mark my words. If Bolli thinks he's giving all of our wealth away to some poor slob, I'll leave him high and dry."


Nivenor: "Hey. What's the matter with you? You have no right to spread rumors around town about me."
Marise: "What rumors?"
Nivenor: "You know very well what I'm talking about. You're saying that I only married Bolli for his gold and that I don't really love him."
Marise: "Well, if the shoe fits..."

Expensive wineEdit

Nivenor: "Brand-Shei, do you think you can find me some theilul?"
Brand-Shei: "The Argonian sugar-cane wine? It's pretty hard to get around here. Very expensive."
Nivenor: "That's fine. I have a special occasion coming up, and I'd like to have it."
Brand-Shei: "I'll see what I can do."

Its all an actEdit

Nivenor: "What's this nonsense I've been hearing? How dare you call Bolli a deadbeat!"
Grelka: "If he paid what he owes, I wouldn't have to say anything. Besides, what in Oblivion do you care?"
Nivenor: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Grelka: "Oh come off it, Niv. We both know you married that fisherman for his gold. You don't need to put on an act for my benefit."


  • Nivenor is mentioned in Things to Do and Requested Report.
  • In one of her dialogue options, Nivenor states that she spends every Friday at the Riften Fishery. Her use of the word "Friday" may be a mistake by her voice actor, as the Tamrielic word for Friday is Fredas.
  •  PC   If you attempt to force marry her via Console Command, she'll remain at Bolli's House instead of player's house.


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