Niyya is a Redguard sorcereress residng in Highpoint Tower.


Old FriendsEdit

Niyya is typically found in the prison area of Highpoint Tower. If freed, she will tell the Dragonborn that she was a miner who was digging in Highpoint Tower with several other miners.

They found Ildari Sarothril and nursed her back to health, but she attacked them in their sleep. Ildari killed several of the miners, and captured the remaining survivors. She now uses them as subjects in her experiments. 

Niyya was kept alive by Ildari to be saved for last. Ildari was told by voices in her head that Niyya was pretending to be her friend and ally, but was planning to betray her. She planned to save Niyya for last, saving a "special" experiment for her that would take time to arrange.

Raven RockEdit

If she is freed, she is later found at The Retching Netch inn in Raven Rock, if she survives the trip to the settlement. She will thank the Dragonborn, but she has no further interactions, and will have generic NPC dialogue.


  • It is possible that she will trip on the rocks that were previously released by a trap on her way out of the tower. Her HP is so low that she might die from running into these rocks, just by bumping into them. To ensure she survives, make sure her path is clear by moving these rocks out of the way.
  • If the Dragonborn sneaks past Ash Spawn on the way to find Ildari, Niyya may attract attention. Defeating all enemies between her and the exit will help ensure survival. There is, in addition, a leveled Reaver camp due west of Highpoint Tower's exit in the path of her route to Raven Rock. It is advisable to either clear them before entering the dungeon, or getting ahead of Niyya to defeat them before she encounters them.