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Njada Stonearm

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Njada Stonearm
Njada Stonearm
Race Nord
Gender Female
Level PCx1 (5-25)
Class Warrior
Faction The Companions
Services Skill Trainer: Block

Joining the Blades

Ref ID 0001A6DA
Base ID 0001A6D9
"I'm still trying to figure out why Skjor let you in in the first place."
―Njada Stonearm[src]

Njada Stonearm is a Nord and a member of the Companions. She can be found within the Companions' headquarters, Jorrvaskr, in Whiterun.


She is initially offensive towards the Dragonborn, refuses to help, and will continue to make insulting comments. She will, however, become friendly towards the Dragonborn, calling them a "friend" once the Glory of the Dead quest has been completed.

Still, after the quest line is completed, Njada may make comments that indicate her displeasure at the Dragonborn's promotion like saying "What guidance could you possibly offer me?" in a rude manner.


Glory of the DeadEdit

When the Dragonborn first enters Jorravskr, Njada will be in a brawl with Athis, which Njada wins. After completing Glory of the Dead, Njada can be recruited as a follower. Once the Dragonborn is a member of the companions, she will offer Expert-level training in Block, up to level 75.

The Dragonborn can marry Njada. This is only possible after completing Glory of the Dead and if in possession of an amulet of Mara.

With the addition of Hearthfire, Njada becomes a possible steward.


Njada has many skills similar to that of a thief.

Skill proficiencies from highest to lowest:

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm still trying to figure out why Skjor let you in in the first place."
  • "If the Circle vouches for you, I'm sworn to respect their judgement. But that doesn't mean I like it."
  • "Oh, it's you."
  • "Now, if you'll excuse me."


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