No-Coins Draninus is an Imperial beggar residing in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City. The Hero can contract Collywobbles from him, should the two in engage in combat.


Finding the Thieves GuildEdit

Draninus can be questioned about the Thieves Guild, initiating the quest in which the Hero becomes a member of the Thieves Guild.

May the Best Thief WinEdit

Draninus is one of the many Imperial City beggars. That can be asked about the residence and the diary of Amantius Allectus.

Untaxing the PoorEdit

The Imperial Watch normally doesn't collect taxes from the poor at the waterfront; however, Watch Captain Hieronymus Lex has actually collected them this time. It probably cost them more to collect the taxes than the total amount of taxes received. Armand Christophe wants the Hero to take them back, along with the tax records.

Speechcraft TrainingEdit

To receive Master level training in Speechcraft, the Hero must speak to every beggar in Cyrodiil for Tandilwe, Draninus being one of them.