"I'm Norbert Lelles. I let my merchandise speak for itself. Look around. If you see something you like, we'll talk about a price."
―Norbert Lelles[src]

Norbert Lelles quote

Norbert Lelles is a Breton trader and the proprietor of Lelles' Quality Merchandise outside of the walls of Anvil. He sells general goods, and is an Apprentice in Mercantile skill.


The Unfortunate ShopkeeperEdit

He and his shop are involved in this Fighters Guild quest. Norbert is having a lot of break-ins at his store, in the waterfront area of Anvil. He invites the Hero to stay overnight and discover who the thieves are.


Anvil: "Anvil's a port town. That's why you'll see items here you won't find in the Imperial City. The captains keep an eye out for special items for me."