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A Nord blacksmith feels a particular affinity with his anvil, bellows, hammer, and tongs. For the Nord, the creation of fine (if inelegant) weapons and armor is as important as proficiency with a blade, axe, or hammer. Such skills are learned from youth and are almost mandatory. As the Nord armorer and weaponsmith perfect their techniques, the forge becomes a second home. Close by is the tanning rack, where the hides of every beast of the north have been measured for their levels of durability and flexibility. Layered on top is iron, steel, and corundum alloys. The result is a steel that holds tighter and bites sharper than weapons from other realms.

When Nords refer to their blades as "stinging," they mean more than its cutting power: superstitious Nord smiths are said to add a drop of wild bee honey into everything they create. The whys and wherefores are misplaced in long-forgotten lore, but the practice is widespread. To this day, no Nord armorer would work a forge without first crumbling Honeycomb into his quenching tub.