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Nordic Silver Battleaxe is a common two-handed silver weapon in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon that can be found throughout Solstheim.


This weapon appears primarily as a leveled item. There are 1229 instances that it can possibly be generated in addition to the following static occurrences:


The following people possess a Nordic Silver Battleaxe:


This weapon can be found in the following locations:

  • Thirsk – On a bench near the central firepit
  • Thirsk – Outdoors, on a table in Brynjolfr's hut

Unique variantsEdit

There are two unique variants of this weapon, both named Nordic Silver Battleaxe.

  Standard Unique
Weight 30.0030.0022.00
Health 2,0002,0001,400
Value 1,000120800
Chop 5 to 506 to 3525 to 45
Slash 6 to 356 to 3520 to 30
Thrust 1 to 51 to 51 to 5
 Enchant Value  100N/AN/A
Enchantment N/AFrost Damage 30 to 50 pts
Weakness to Frost 100 pts for 10s
Fortify Attack 10 pts
Fortify Axe 10 pts
Resist Common Disease 75 pts
Uses N/A1,100 ÷ 100 = 11 usesConstant effect
Acquisition Common leveled itemOwned by Tharsten Heart-Fang. Can be obtained during the quest Hircine's Hunt.Not found in-game. Can be acquired on the PC by using the console.
Item ID   BM nordic silver battleaxe  BM_axe_Heartfang_UniqueBM_hunter_battleaxe_unique